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The Indiana Biomedical Society was formed in 1990. Jim Sheets and Mike DeJaeger created the IBS as a result of a clinical engineering survey at Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis, which indicated that biomedical techs felt like they weren’t a recognized group. Sheets and DeJaeger created a survey to see if there was interest in starting a society and mailed it out to all of the hospitals in Indiana: “Attention to the Biomedical or Clinical Engineering Department.” They received enough replies that they followed up with a meeting date to ratify bylaws and start the society. The people who attended the July 14, 1990 organizational meeting were: Jim Sheets, Mike DeJaeger, George Gladding, Bruce Mueller, Mike Mullane, Jack Simmons, Bob Cartmel, Mike Bernstein, Steve Sanghvi and William Ritcher. Furthermore, the first official membership meeting was held on Sept. 8, 1990, with 18 people in attendance.

The first board comprised of:

President: Jim Sheets
Vice-President: Darrell Stevens
Treasurer: Philomena Diehl
Secretary: Mike DeJaeger
Trustee: Bruce Stuart 


Current Board Members:

Michael Shannon | President 


Ryan Noyes | Vice President 


Kiran Kaur | Treasurer 

Kim Lusty| Secretary 


Susan Sowders  | Trustee       




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